How To Store A Sunfish Sailboat

Ever since its introduction in 1960, the sunfish sailboat is not only popular among the old folks, it is something millennials also grew with. Most of them had their first sailing experience in this sailboat.

The 14 inches sailboat is portable, cheap to purchase, and durable.

With the leaves falling quickly and the weather getting hotter daily ― winter is around the corner. What all owners are thinking of is “how to store a sunfish sailboat”.

The method of storage is dependent on your preference and notably the size of the room it will be stored.

Storage During Summer

During summer, it is important to place the sunfish sailboat where it can be easily accessed. Since you will always be needing it for sail most of the time.

It can be simply tied to a tree near the water body and covered with a protective material (like a tarp) provided you are sure of its safety.Storage During Summer

Storage During Winter

It is more important to know how to store a sunfish sailboat during the winter. Because, the sunfish itself may not be damaged by the hot temperature but the hull, sail rudder and centerboard need to be protected.

Also, ultraviolet rays are known to be dangerous to the skin and many other things. Covering with a tarp is also important but not all that is required. Below are some tips on how to store a sunfish sailboat.


Storing Right-Side Up

In a small storage space, storing sunfish sailboats right-side up is okay. It creates space as you can even put your spars and mast on top. To avoid any scratching of the deck finish by the spars, put some padding materials in between.

When the spars and mast are placed on top, the tarps are slightly elevated and pointed allowing for water runoff as long as the tightness is maintained.Storing Right-Side Up

Storing Upside Down

Storing upside down is one of the most recommended methods of how to store a sunfish sailboat. It prevents the deck from getting oxidized by the sunlight. Water will also be unable to get retained in the flat places on the tarp and in the cockpit.

You also do not need to ensure the tarp is tightly stretched throughout storage. The curve design of the keel makes the water runoff seamlessly.

The only thing to avoid is storing upside down without anything beneath to raise the hull. You can also place some 2x4s across the trailer as deck support. About two of such is okay. Also, place some materials like pad or old towels between the boards and deck to avoid scratches.

Storing Uprightly

Storing uprightly is the best at saving space but the most dangerous to your sunfish sailboat if done wrongly.

Mount pulleys at the top (at least two) at the top of the garage to hold the boat. To efficiently support the weight of the boat, support it with some wood blocks. And add rubber in between the blocks and the deck to avoid slippage.

For easy drainage, make some holes in the hull. Let it be about 3.8” port on the aft deck placed approximately 2” in front of the hull trim. This will enhance the air flow through the hull to dry off any moisture.


Multiple Sunfish Side Storage

The multiple sunfish side storage is best for storing more than two sunfish when the space is small for either right-side up or upside-down storage. The boats are arranged on their sides tilting at about 20 degrees against each other.

Place foam or any other padding material between them to avoid the hulls sliding against each other.

Tie the last boat to the wall using its front handle and rear bridle to avoid any movement whatsoever. This will prevent the boats from falling over.

Other tips on How to Store A Sunfish Sailboat

  • Always store the tiler/rudder assemble ad dagger board indoor to protect them from the sun.
  • Even though the spars and mast are made of aluminum, they should be protected from the sunlight because it can damage the end caps.
  • In case the spars and mast cannot be stored in any indoor space, place them under the sunfish itself. You may need to change the end caps afterward anyway (they are inexpensive).


How to store A Sunfish Sailboat during summer?

During the summer season, it is imperative that you place a sunfish sailboat at a place from where it can be accessed easily. This is the time when you’ll need a sunfish sailboat most of the time. You may simply tie it to a tree near the lake or the water body and also make sure you cover it with a protective material, which is most commonly a tarp. Ensure 100% safety when you store the sunfish sailboat outdoor.

How to store a Sunfish Sailboat during winter?

Run your boat once again after use, drain off the water from the boat, clean the boat, winterize the engine, lubricate the moving parts and then remove the battery. During the winter season, it is better to remove the battery and charge it and also remove all sorts of sensitive materials. Next, you have to seal all the exhausted ports. While you cover and store the boat, don’t forget to check every 2 weeks. Also change the boat oil, safeguard the fogging oil and fill the tank.

Can I store a sailboat outdoor?

In case you don’t have enough space for storing your boat at home, you can certainly keep it outside. Each parking spot is covered with a small roof that offers protection against all weather elements. Hence, you can cover the boat and make sure it remains protected in the place that you choose for storing the sailboat.