The 4 best rigid kayaks (single-seater, two-seater, and for children) with a puncture proof

The 4 best rigid kayaks (single-seater, two-seater, and for children) with a puncture proof

The 4 best rigid kayaks (single-seater, two-seater, and for children) with a puncture proofNot everyone loves inflatable kayaks. Thinking of them, in this post we present four different types of rigid canoes : two single-seaters, a two-seater and lastly a kayak for children . Kayaks for children are relatively difficult to find: around you find more than anything else inflatable toys, which do not lend themselves to teaching the basics of canoeing to your children.

For those who have doubts about the choice of a rigid or inflatable kayak , at the end of the post we quickly list the pros and cons of this type of boat.

1. Rigid Kayak Bic Sport Ouassou

# BEST CHOICE. Produced by Bic Kayak , the Ouassou is avery versatile and manoeuvrable rigid single-seater kayak , with a hull that in the shape recalls a bit of a spatula, inspired by the design of surfboards. The two bow handles make it easy to move the Ouassou in and out of the water. At the stern there are two other handles, which allow an easy climb on the kayak for those who may be in the water.

Clearly it is a playful kayak rather than a race. Let’s be clear: you can safely use it to go fishing because it is a multi-purpose model. Consider that its special design literally allows you to surf in the waves, so you can use it even in rough seas. Then, the marked keel and the side edges stabilize it not a little. On the hull you will find three inserts where you can mount directional fins, to better cut the waves and do less effort when rowing.

Despite all these peculiarities, the Ouassou is not suitable for competitions. For the rest, with its 2.60 meters long and 78 cm wide, it is a fairly compact boat. The maximum range of 110 pounds is more than enough for one person. At the edges you will find side ropes, where you can hook the fishing gear, so as not to drop it into the water.

2. Bic Sport Bilbao Rigid Canoe

With the rigid Bilbao kayak we move towards a more sophisticated model than the previous one, in every sense. But let’s talk first about an essential fact: weight. Yes, because Bilbao reaches 32 kilos in weight, 3.10 meters long and 80 cm wide.

Here, we have a truly versatile kayak. It is a model with a very light guide, equipped with a very strong bridge, which allows you to carry loads of a certain weight. So the Bilbao is also suitable for those fishing, but not only. Can be used for:

  • snorkeling
  • excursions and explorations
  • ratchet

or simply for fitness. Unlike other models, here you will find a whole series of details that greatly facilitate navigation and transport:

first and foremost, we have a shaped footrest that fits comfortably even the tallest canoeists the seats are ergonomic and non-slip, which is not a trivial matter, especially if you go on long hikes with not really summery weather the storage network is reached very easily. Then, at the stern, you will find a glove compartment where you can store navigation or fishing equipment. The compartment is equipped with elastic straps for greater safet at the stern you always find a bumper, which when you hit the rocks can make the difference. The bumper is removable, and contains an integrated roller, thanks to which transporting the Bilbao becomes child’s play.

In our opinion, even if we have a very versatile rigid kayak , the Bilbao is recommended for those who already know a little about canoeing, or for those who are looking for a fishing kayak. We say this not only for the price of the product, but also for its functional characteristics.

3. Trinidad Rigid Canoe

3. Trinidad Rigid CanoeIf so far we have seen rigid single-seater canoes, with Trinidad we have – finally – a two-seater. And also very light: despite its 3.60 meters long and 84 centimeters wide, the Trinidad weighs only 28 kilos! Imagine what you’re wondering: how stable is a canoe so light?

The answer is that the design of the hull makes it so stable that it can be used safely in two, or even in three! In this, the seats help a lot: they are ergonomic, so you don’t have to keep your back and legs taut to find the right position on board. The result is that you swing the kayak less.

The Trinidad is suitable for classic excursions, but also for fishing – the storage area is so large that you can easily store all your equipment. Compared to all the other kayaks and canoes we have reviewed, this model is not cheap. But its price is justified by the possibility of motorizing it. Yes, that’s right: you can fit a small electric motor, so you can use Trinidad even for longer explorations.

The disadvantages of this model? The seats are not included, so they must be purchased separately. For the rest, its hyper-compact dimensions make transportation possible even with a small car.

4. Big Bobby Rigid Kids Canoe

To some it may seem like a toy – ultimately it is a canoe for children – but the Big Bobby is the best choice if your child shows a passion for kayaking from an early age. The Big Bobby is a rigid canoe , therefore devoid of all the disadvantages of inflatable kayaks. It weighs only 7 and a half kilos, and is 1.18 meters long, 67 cm wide.

This is a canoe recommended for children aged 4 to 8 years old. The plastic material is very strong and very resistant, and above all easy to clean. In the packaging of this kayak a double paddle 1 meter and a half is included. Thanks to its maximum capacity of 35 kilos the Big Bobby is suitable for children of any size. In theory, it could also be used by children around the age of 10, or preteens. In practice, with just one meter in length, it can accommodate very long adolescents.

Consider that at that age it is already preferable to use a “real” kayak rather than a boat for those with the first paddling.

The advantages of this kayak consist essentially in its very low weight and in the quality / price ratio. The limitations are as follows:

there is no hole for emptying the kayak, so this model takes water very easily
it is a car for children, so you can’t get into the kayak with your baby, but you have to paddle next to it

In general, our advice is to use this model in waters where it is touched, and to provide the very first rudiments of Caoism. From this point of view, the Big Bobby is ideal.The Rigid

Kayak: the Pros and Cons

Kayak: the Pros and ConsWhen choosing a rigid kayak , in addition to factors such as price, number of seats, and stability, you must take into account both the limitations of this boat and its advantages. The limitations are obvious the rigid kayak takes up a certain space, so it is suitable for those who own a garage, or even a cellar generally it is a model with a higher price than inflatable canoes transporting longer models may not be easy, unless you equip your car with suitable accessories.

Having said that, let’s illustrate the advantages of this choice: first and foremost, it is a boat that you can safely use in streams, along rocky coasts, and in rivers. By definition, the rigid hull is impossible to pierce it lasts longer, as it better resists saltiness and the corrosive action of sea water some models lend themselves excellently to the installation of an electric motor, so if you use them at sea or even for fishing you can even go far enough.


What are the types of Rigid Kayaks?

The largest category of kayaks is the hard-shelled or the rigid kayaks. There are several designs in the market and multiple materials are used from blow-molded to rotomolded plastic kayaks. Rigid kayaks can be made of rotomolded polyethylene (PE) which is the most used material for hard-shelled kayaks. This is impact-resistant, durable and also tough. The blow-molded plastic kayaks are the least durable as compared with rotomolded designs. Apart from these, you also have the composite kayaks and those that are made of ABS plastic. However, this category is rarely found in hard-shell designs.

Can Rigid Kayaks be purchased for kids?

Yes, rigid kayaks are available in various lengths and widths. They come as single seater, double-seater, double-seater with a seat for children and various other forms. Hence your kid wants to go kayaking with you in a rigid kayak, you can take them in a rigid kayak that has a children seat attached to it.

Are Rigid Kayaks safer than inflatable kayaks?

Inflatable kayaks are made of tough materials, comfortable seating and rigid structure. This makes them a safer option and user-friendly option than any other kayak. However, you have to be cautious while paddling in any of the inflatable boats. Remember that although the problem like punctures and leaks are not too common in these cases, they might still happen. Never expect your kayak to be damage-proof. You should take good care of your kayak in order to make it run properly.