Sevylor Hudson: Two Comparison Models

Sevylor Hudson: Two Comparison Models

Sevylor Hudson: Two Comparison ModelsChoosing the best kayak for your needs is not always easy. Major kayakers, such as Sevylor , offer a wide variety of boats, which can sometimes be very similar. For this reason, we decided to compare two kayak models that have so much in common, even if they meet very different needs. This is Camping Gaz Hudson and Sevylor Hudson Premium 360 .

1. Sevylor Camping Gaz Hudson

The Camping Gaz Hudson is an inflatable kayak with three seats, perfect for the whole family. This model of the Savylor Hudson line has been designed for sailing in calm or shallow waters, so it is not recommended for rafting enthusiasts, or even for those who want to do competitive or semi-competitive canoeing . The Sevylor Hudson succeeds, if guided by expert hands, to hold up well to both winds and moderate currents.

Setting up the water Camping Gaz Hudson Sevylor is a breeze. After inserting the directional fin into the groove, simply inflate the air chambers of the kayak, reaching a pressure of 0.1 bar on the label. If in doubt, there are several YouTube videos online, where in less than three minutes you will understand how to inflate, deflate and store the Sevylor Hudson

In the package of Camping Gaz Hudson of Sevylor , in addition to the kayak you will find:

  • a convenient carrying bag
  • a pressure gauge
  • a removable fin
  • a kit for minor repairs
  • the instruction manual
  • the little seats

The maximum capacity of this model is 230 kilos. With a length of 3.73 meters and a width of 94 cm, the Sevylor Camping Gaz is definitely a large and comfortable kayak. Its 20 kilos of weight make it very stable and easy to maneuver.

It also has a number of features not always present in the other models: a convenient bag with zipper, to keep all your items and electronic devices always dry. The bag is located just below the splash deck, and is firmly attached to the hull in the bow, under the splash deck, you will find a comfortable space where you can store a backpack, or even the equipment for a picnic a strip of rubber fixed along the side of the kayak offers maximum protection from bumps to scratches, avoiding tears and punctures of the hull

The paddle rings are equipped with a Velcro closure, which allows you to free and store the paddle in an instant. The bottom of the Sevylor Hudson is made of a very strong tarpaulin. The transport of the kayak is made very easy by the handle located on the bow. At the end of a day’s excursion or vacation, you can put the kayak in the handy bag that is included.

Our Opinion on the Sevylor Hudson Camping Gaz

Our Opinion on the Sevylor Hudson Camping GazThe Sevylor Hudson Camping Gaz is a kayak designed primarily for hiking, picnics, and generally for fun outings with the family. So if you’re looking for speed, or even an extreme ease of paddling, our advice is to take a look at the single-seater kayaks. Like other models we presented on this site, the Sevylor Hudson Camping Gaz is also an inflatable kayak. Inflatable kayaks have the advantage of taking up little space, and being very easy to transport. But they don’t give the same feeling as a rigid kayak or canoe.

These are some limitations of inflatable models. In our opinion, the Sevylor Hudson Camping Gaz has no real disadvantages. Of course, this model does not include the paddle. But generally good quality kayaks are never sold with the supplied paddle. The reason is simple: the length and type of paddle vary depending on who uses the kayak. Those who know kayaking well, even if they only do fun walks, often prefer to buy a paddle suited to their height, and made of special materials, which make the paddling less tiring.

2. Sevylor Hudson Premium 360

The second model in the Sevylor Hudson line that we present to you is the Sevylor Hudson Premium . It is a model in many ways similar to the previous one. Here, too, we have a three-seat inflatable kayak, more suited to fun outings than multi-day excursions, solo outings, or competitions.

The two models are similar also for their size, and their size. The Sevylor Hudson Premium is 3.73 meters long, 94 cm wide, has a maximum capacity of 230 kilos. If there is a difference, this is weight. The inflated Sevylor Hudson Premium weighs just 14 pounds. The difference in weight between the Sevylor Hudson Premium and the previous model is remarkable. When we talk about kayaking, 6 pounds more or less can make a lot of difference: a lighter kayak is much easier to maneuver, is generally faster than a heavier model, and responds much better to paddling a lighter model is obviously easier to carry, even when swollen, and to put in the water light kayaks, however, give less stable navigation than heavier and more solid models

Warning! We’re not saying the Sevylor Hudson Premium is a weak kayak. It is simply a light kayak. So it’s great for sailing in calm waters, like the waters of a lake for example. But if you are thinking of jumping into the water on this kayak to deal with medium or strong currents, you will immediately understand what we tell you when we talk about the stability and weight of the kayak.

Having made this necessary premise, because kayaking is fun to practice in absolute safety, we come to the features of the Sevylor Hudson Premium . Here we have: 3 removable air chambers, made of PVC, and reinforced bottom 3 raised seats both bridges equipped with elastic ropes, great for storing a backpack or other objects
the Easy Inflation System, which allows you to inflate and deflate the kayak in a flash two convenient carrying handles a convenient carrying backpack, a removable fin, a repair kit and a user manual included in the kayak package.

These characteristics are very similar to those of the previous model. Even here the paddles are not included in the kayak package, and must be purchased separately.

Our Opinion on both models

Our Opinion on both modelsIn our opinion, the two Sevylor Hudson kayak models we presented to you in this article are almost the same. The Sevylor Hudson Premium 360 and the Camping Gaz Hudson are both very robust and high quality kayaks. They have the same range of accessories , a very similar price, and all the typical advantages of an inflatable kayak: lightness, compactness and easy maneuverability.

Neither model is suitable for competition or multi-day excursions. So how do you choose one of the two models rather than the other? In our opinion the answer is simple: the Sevylor Hudson Premium is to be preferred if you intend to make playful paddles that last no more than a few hours. In fact, even if this kayak is quite large, it does not offer the same storage space as Camping Gaz Hudson Camping Gaz Hudson is perfect for those who like to do longer trips, which last a whole day , and which may involve a picnic or even more breaks for snacks. This model is also excellent for those who love photography, or video recordings. The greater availability of space on board in fact allows you to carry a more bulky equipment, keeping it always dry.


What are the differences between Sevylor Hudson Camping Gaz and Sevylor Hudson Premium 360?

The Sevylor Camping Gaz Hudson is an inflatable kayak that has got 3 seats and hence perfect for the entire family. This model from Savylor Hudson has been designed for sailing in shallow and calm waters and hence it isn’t recommended for the rafting enthusiasts or even for those who are interested in competitive and semi-competitive canoeing. Setting up this canoe can be done in a breeze. The maximum capacity is 230 kilos and it itself weighs 20 kilos of weight which makes it easy and stable to use. The other model is the Sevylor Hudson Premium. The inflated Sevylor Hudson Premium weights only 14 pounds. A lighter kayak is easier to maneuver.

Who is Sevylor Hudson Premium 360 dedicated to?

It is not that since Sevylor Hudson Premium 360 is a light one, it is never a weak one. Hence, it is great for sailing in calm and shallow waters. In case you’ve been thinking of jumping into the water on the kayak to deal with strong and medium currents, you’ll understand what importance the weight and stability of a kayak are for.

Which is better for amateurs – Sevylor Hudson Camping Gaz or Sevylor Hudson Premium 360?

In our opinion, both the models are almost the same. They are both high quality and robust kayaks. They also have the same range of accessories, a similar price and benefits of an inflatable kayak. So, beginners may go for any option.