Sevylor Colorado and Sevylor Colorado Premium: Two Kayaks ideal for summer

Sevylor Colorado and Sevylor Colorado Premium: Two Kayaks ideal for summer

Sevylor Colorado and Sevylor Colorado Premium: Two Kayaks ideal for summerWith Colorado , Sevylor has renewed the colors and design of its historic kayaks. The Sevylor Colorado is ideal for quiet coastal walks, or even in rivers and lakes. It is a two-seat inflatable and therefore folding kayak , perfect for transport by car or even with a camper.

Sevylor Colorado

If closed and well folded, the Sevylor Colorado has dimensions of 73.5 x 25.5 x 45.7 cm and a weight of only 14 kilos, for a total weight of 200 kilos. The Boston valve makes inflation and deflation of the Sevylor Colorado a real child’s play. If you use a battery pump, inflation takes only 5 minutes. After inflation you should always add a little pressure with a hand pump, but all in all it is an operation that takes very little time.

Once inflated, the Sevylor Colorado is 3.33 meters long and 90 centimeters wide, so it can comfortably accommodate two people. Note that the backs of the Sevylor Colorado are relatively low, so taller kayakers may not receive full lumbar support. Moreover, even if the instruction manual is very clear, it is always worth taking a look at the official Sevylor Colorado video before using the kayak for the first time.

The Sevylor Colorado offers the maximum of its potentiality when used in calm or just fresh water. The package includes:

  • a convenient carrying bag
  • a pressure gauge to facilitate inflation
  • a kit for repairing the kayak
  • a removable fin that allows you to cleave the water better
  • two seats
  • the instruction manual
  • a K-Compact 230 paddle

Sevylor ColoradoBefore using the Sevylor Colorado for the first time, you must insert the fin into the metal guides on the bottom of the kayak. Even if the fin is made of a very hard plastic, you should insert it from the back of the guides, and then pull it towards you until you hear a “clack!”

The inner tubes of the Sevylor Colorado are removable, and are located inside the hull, enclosed in a sturdy polyester. To reach them, you just need to open the zip that you find along the keel profile.

The air chambers must be inflated in the order indicated on the label of the kayak: you must start from the bow, first inflating the front air chamber, then those that flank the keel, and finally the aft tube . The closing of the Boston valve does not pose any particular problems: the valve is equipped with a thread, so you just need to screw it tightly, before inserting the inflator spout. During inflation, always take a look at the pressure gauge to make sure you reach the right pressure, 0.1 bar.

Remember that the seats of the Sevylor Colorado must be fitted after inflation. Let’s be clear: you can try to fix them to the kayak even before inflating it, because you just have to fix the seats using the special buckles. But in this case even if the seats keep the inflation operations become more difficult.

On the sides of the Sevylor Colorado you will find two comfortable handles for transporting in and out of the water. Compared to other kayaks, with its 14 pounds of weight the Sevylor Colorado is extremely light, but the 3 meters long make it cumbersome in any case – so the handles help you. If you use the kayak by yourself, so you don’t have anyone to help you with transport, find a handy handle to drag the Sevylor Colorado directly into the water.

The bottom is made entirely of Tarpaulin sheet – a fabric reinforced with PVC. The bottom and the inner tubes are independent, and the kayak is equipped with an elastic cord, conveniently positioned behind each seat.

The emptying cap is made of plastic material and opens and closes with a single gesture. The maneuverability of the Sevylor Colorado is further increased by two bottons welded to the hull of the kayak, while the carabiners inside the hull allow you to fix a bottle or any other useful accessory during navigation.

Our advice:

rinse the Sevylor Colorado well after use to remove salt and dirt
always put the kayak in its bag after deflating it.
the Sevylor Colorado is made of a very sturdy plastic, but in any case it is better to use this kayak in the spring and summer season

Sevylor Colorado Premium

For the most demanding, Sevylor has also produced this kayak in the Sevylor Colorado Premium version . We anticipate that the price of the Sevylor Colorado is about half less than the price of the Sevylor Colorado Premium . This price difference is more than justified because compared to the classic Colorado, the Premium offers:

the patented Easy Inflation System , which allows you to inflate the three air chambers simultaneously. So, you no longer have to move from the bow to the stern of the kayak, and remember the order to inflate the air chambers every time you want to go out to sea or lake. Simply insert the inflator spout into the valve, and the air will be diffused in each air chamber thanks to an innovative tube system; a valve that you can adjust to two different positions: to clean the kayak, or simply to inflate and deflate it; mud flaps integrated in the bow and stern; once deflated and folded, the Sevylor Colorado Premium turns into a comfortable backpack that you can take with you almost anywhere.

The Sevylor Colorado Premium literally swells in three minutes. If you don’t believe it, watch the video below, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to mount this kayak

With a weight of 15.2 kilos, a length of 3.33 meters and a width of 90 cm, the Sevylor Colorado Premium remains a very light kayak, easy to maneuver and transport, but extremely stable. For the rest, these two kayaks are similar.

So why should you prefer Sevylor Colorado Premium ? Here are three good reasons:

if you travel by train or even by plane, you can conveniently store the Sevylor Colorado Premium in the luggage compartments, or ship it in the hold, without having to embark it as oversized baggage.

Other inflatable kayaks are cheaper, but you may have to pay excess baggage fees, or even special, bulky ones if you travel by air. If you want to take them with you by train, you may find yourself having to buy a second specific kayak ticket!

Sevylor ColoradoThe integrated splash guard make the Sevylor Colorado Premium also suitable for slightly rough water. The kayak hardly fills with water, especially if you use it in fresh water;
although it has a maximum capacity of 200 kilos, the Sevylor Colorado Premium has a greater load capacity, thanks to the splash guards, which act as a front and rear deck. Therefore, it is a kayak that is especially useful for fishing. Under the splashbacks you will find ample space for all your items.

We have listed these differences to enable you to choose the Sevylor kayak that best suits your needs. Both the Sevylor Colorado and the Sevylor Colorado Premium are two excellent kayaks, ideal for long trips in white water, or even for sailing under the coast.


What is the difference between Sevylor Colorado and Sevylor Colorado Premium?

The Sevylor Colorado provides maximum potential when it is used in fresh and calm water. This package includes a carrying bag, a pressure gauge, a kit for mending the kayak, a removable fin that lets you propel through water in a better way, two seats, the instruction manual and K-Compact 230 paddle. The Sevylor Colorado Premium offers patented easy system of inflation that lets you inflate 3 chambers, a valve that can be turned to two different positions for cleaning the kayak or inflating and deflating it and combined splash guards in the stern and bow.

Who is Sevylor Colorado Premium dedicated to?

For the most demanding people, Sevylor Colorado Premium has been produced and it is double the price of Sevylor Colorado. This kayak is best for users who love to go kayaking on a lake or sea and who wish to use it for different purposes. Thanks to the fact that it is extremely portable and you can even turn it into a comfortable backpack that can be carried anywhere.

What are the hallmarks of Sevylor Colorado?

There is no such hallmark of Sevylor Colorado apart from the S sign within a circle and Colorado being printed on both sides of the kayak. It is certified by NMMA and can hold up to 470lbs.