Fishing Kayak: The Ultimate Guide to the 9 Best Models

Fishing Kayak: The Ultimate Guide to the 9 Best Models

Fishing Kayak: The Ultimate Guide to the 9 Best ModelsIf you follow this blog, you will have realized that there are many types of kayaks. One of the most recent is the fishing kayak , also called “sit on top”. It is a type of kayak that can be used not only for navigation, but also for fishing, both at sea, in lakes or – for the bravest – even in rivers.

The advantage of this type of kayak is its low cost: in fact, on the market you will find many models with an affordable price. Then, for those looking for something more, there are also models with a higher price, and excellent performance. In this post we present the nine best fishing kayak models , starting from the most accessible and the best value for money, to conclude with models for real pros.

Those who know what they want will have no difficulty finding the best fishing kayak for their needs. If you are unsure or are approaching kayak fishing , at the end of this post you will find some tips on how to choose the most suitable kayak.

1. Sea Eagle 330

The Sea Eagle 330 is a fishing kayak suitable for absolute beginners, or even the youngest. Perfect for teenagers, or even for an adult who wants to teach the very first rudiments of fishing for children, it is a inflatable two – seater inflatable kayak of the first price.

With its weight of 11 kilos, it can be easily transported even by one person. The maximum range of 226 pounds makes fishing aboard this safe kayak. The hull of the Sea Eagle 330 is made of a sturdy synthetic material, which holds up pretty well to shocks.

The stability of this kayak is increased by the structure of the bottom, made in inflatable air chambers. The white color makes this boat very visible in the sea, providing an additional guarantee of safety. Consider that the thickness of the hull is 3.3 centimeters, so even if this kayak is not invulnerable to shocks, it is a product that you can use for many summers.

Unlike other first-price models, the Sea Eagle 330 is equipped with inflatable splash skirts and unidirectional inflation valves, which allow you to inflate the kayak in just 6 minutes. In the package you will find:

  • the kayak
  • two paddles
  • a backpack for transport
  • an inflation pump
  • the seats
  • the inflatable splash skirts

The Sea Eagle 330 is suitable mainly for those who want to practice a type of recreational and undemanding fishing, or even net fishing.

2. Sevylor Reef 300

For those looking for a compact, stable and fast fishing kayak, it’s the Sevylor Reef 300 . Here we have a two-seater inflatable kayak, with a maximum of 150 kilos, so perfect for two normal-weight adults.

With 2.96 meters of length and 84 cm of width, the kayak is quite spacious. The tapered bow allows you to cut through the smaller waves with ease. At the stern, instead, you will find a net for carrying objects, ideal for fixing the fishing box.

The Sevylor Reef 300 has a hull made of nylon, and a reinforced floor, covered with oilcloth. The inflation chambers are 3, all in PVC. The floor chamber has an l-beam structure, to always guarantee maximum stability.

The hull is equipped with 4 ergonomic handles placed on the sides, fore and aft, and two elastic ropes ideal for transporting the kayak by one or two people. Inflation and deflation are very easy and fast, thanks to the two-way Jumbo valves. Adjustable seats always offer maximum lumbar support. The paddling is made more efficient even by the footrests, which you can remove if necessary.

In the Sevylor Reef 300 package you will find:

  • the kayak
  • 2 removable seats
  • a footrest bar
  • the directional fin
  • a kit for minor repairs
  • the pressure gauge
  • the transport bag

3. Jilong Fishman II 500

# BEST CHOICE. More than a kayak, the Jilong Fishman II 500 is a dinghy designed for lovers of fishing, very large and comfortable, but also durable. Compared to other models, the J ilong Fishman II 500 has the advantage of being prepared for use with an electric motor with a maximum power of 4 horses. The motor support must be purchased separately

3. Jilong Fishman II 500Once swollen, the Jilong Fishman II 500 measures 3.28 meters long, is 1.44 meters wide, and 46 cm high, so on board you’ll have plenty of space for you, and for all your equipment. When you don’t want to go out for a fishing trip, the kayak can be used for hiking or even for a quiet paddle. With a maximum capacity of 430 kilos, it can accommodate up to 4 normal weight adults and one child.

The hull is made of 3-layer PVC anti-cut and abrasion-resistant laminated PVC, so it also holds up well to occasional impacts against stones, cliffs and other surfaces. Obviously a PVC hull is not a wooden hull, so even if we have a very robust kayak here, attention to shocks is always a must.

On board you will find two rod holders, both located at the sides of the bow, and a storage pocket for storing your electronic or other devices. The perimeter top is always convenient for transporting the kayak, or even for ascending from the water. In the package you will find:

  • the kayak
  • a pair of oars 1.37 meters long
  • an inflation pump
  • a transport bag
  • 3 inflatable seats

4. Advanced Elements Lagoon 2

The Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 is a tapered, highly hydrodynamic design kayak . It is an inflatable two-seater kayak, but in appearance it resembles rigid kayaks. Closed and deflated, the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 has dimensions of 50 x 38 x 38 centimeters, and is therefore easy to transport, but also to store. Once swollen, the kayak reaches 16 kilos in weight, with a maximum capacity of 159 kilos.

Equipped with eight air chambers, the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 inflates in just a few minutes, and is more rigid in kayaks than similar high models. Although there are many who like to fish solo, the division of space in this kayak allows two people to fish together without getting in the way. In fact, the Advanced Elements Lagoon 2 has separate spaces for the seat.

Similar to other fishing kayaks, on the front there is an elastic net for storing small objects, and a storage space. This is a smaller storage space than that available on more expensive fishing kayak models , but in any case it is perfect for storing all your equipment.

5. Advanced Elements AE1007-R

And for those who are looking for a fishing kayak that offers more space, here is the Advanced Elements AE1007-R . It is an inflatable fishing kayak , but it should be clear by now that thanks to advances in material technologies high-end inflatable kayaks achieve a high level of strength.

Unlike other similar models, here you find:

a single space for a very wide sit on top seat. You can then store your equipment without being between your legs
ample space on the front, equipped with elastic net. The front covers almost half the length of the kayak, and provides a useful space for carrying your items
a highly hydrodynamic design, with a keel designed to cut through the waves
With 6 air chambers, the Advanced Elements AT1007-R inflates in an instant, and is a very stable kayak. Overturning aboard this kayak, even with rough seas, is really difficult.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the rear drift fin of the Advanced Elements . The fin is made of hard rubber, so when you take the kayak out of the water and rest it on a hard surface, the fin may deform. Our advice is to remove the fin when the kayak is not in the water.

6. Bic Sport Trinidad

Classic fishing kayak made in camouflage color, the Bic Sport Trinidad allows you to be completely independent, going out for a fishing trip alone, or even with friends, always keeping all your equipment on hand. The Trinidad model is in fact equipped with a large pump with elastic straps, which allow you to carry all your equipment, and maybe even a small backpack.

The design of this kayak makes the navigation very fast and stable, and allows you to reach your favorite fishing areas in no time. The rigid shell of the Bic Sport Trinidad makes this kayak perfect for fishing especially between rocks, inlets, or rocky bays. You will not have to fear any screaming or tearing the hull.

The Bic Sport Trinidad is a compact but wide kayak model, perfect also for outings in two. Unlike other models with different designs, here you can also mount an electric motor if necessary. At the stern of the kayak you will find the appropriate support.

With its measures of 3.59 meters long and 84 cm wide, and a weight of 29.5 kilos, this kayak has a maximum capacity of 200 kilos, so it manages to hold two adults with normal weight, plus all, without problems your equipment, and even a fridge bag for fish.

7. Bic Sport Borneo

If you are looking for a rigid fishing kayak , with Bic Sport Borneo you will find something for your teeth. The Borneo is a kayak designed exclusively for fishing, and this is immediately clear if you look at the boat’s design:

at the stern there is a storage platform, which offers a considerable volume
the sit-on-top seat is very wide, and can carry up to a maximum of three people
the kayak is green, and therefore manages to blend well. Maybe not the case of those who use kayaks for sea fishing , but those who fish in other environments where it is necessary to disguise themselves in order not to scare animals – geese or others – that could make noise knows that the color of the kayak is important.

With a length of 4.20 meters, a width of 90 cm and a height of 35 cm, Borneo is a large kayak that reaches 35 kilos in weight. These dimensions give it an exceptional stability and a speed of navigation that is difficult to reach with the inflatable two-seater.

The Borneo is easily convertible into a car – just mount a single seat. Consider that this model can be approved as a sea kayak, thanks to its design features, which make it extremely safe, as well as perfect for a more demanding type of fishing than classic recreational fishing.

8. Gil Big Mama

Gil is a fishing kayak designed and built by Big Mama , and – we add – we can see! Big Mama kayaks have a very streamlined and streamlined design on their side, ideal for fast sailing. If you want to go out for a fishing trip, the speed of navigation may not be as important as it can be in a race. However, fishing takes time, and reaching your favorite area quickly is important.

With its 2.66 meters of length, 18 kilos of weight and a load capacity of 125kg, the Gil Big Mama not only offers speed, but also stability. It is a single-seater, so it is recommended for those who prefer solitary or group fishing.

Some might argue that the bright yellow of this kayak makes it impossible to blend in, and indeed it is. However, not all types of fishing are the same, and it is not always necessary to have a kayak that allows good camouflage. If you fish in the lake or in the river, you will choose a green kayak. But if you use kayaks for sea fishing , you don’t need to camouflage.

Equipped with two large storage areas both forward and aft, a wide seat and a fishing rod attachment, as well as a paddle rest, the Big Mama Ainoa is a perfect kayak for both experienced anglers and for those who want to start serious kayaking .

9. Bic Sport Yakkair HP2

9. Bic Sport Yakkair HP2And here we are at the king of fishing kayaks , the Bic Sport Yakkair HP2 . We are definitely in the high end, with a kayak of very high quality and excellent performance. The YAKKAir of Bic Sport has many small steps that make fishing a pleasure. The kayak is easily transportable thanks to a backpack with wheels. It takes just a few minutes to inflate it. The result is a highly hydrodynamic V-shaped hull, thanks to the high pressure keel and floor. The PVC surface makes the Bic Sport Yakkair HP2 on average more robust than the other inflatable kayaks, so it is a model that can hold up well, for example, even to fishing needles.

It is a light kayak, weighing only 15 kilos, and with a rigid top. If you want to leave it swollen outdoors, you can purchase a protective canvas cover as an option. The Yakkair is a two-seat fishing kayak, but on occasion it can be used as a single-seater kayak, so you have more space on board for fishing gear. Just don’t fit one of the two removable seats.

As for the details, we have toe straps, a safety rope, and wear protection especially on the bow. The Bic Sport Yakka ir HP 2 is also equipped with convenient carrying handles, and a net for carrying objects.

How to Choose the Fishing Kayak: Some Tips

If you’ve never used the kayak to fish , maybe you’re wondering what features this type of boat should have. Here is a list of the five main points to consider, before choosing your kayak:

verify that there are spaces to keep your fishing gear. It must not necessarily be pits, ponds or storage areas. Especially if you are a beginner, or if you go fishing just off the shore, you just need to have a little more space on board. Those who fish with a net, then know very well that in some cases the net is pulled up to the shore, instead of being loaded on board. Obviously, we are talking about playful fishing identify the areas where you are going fishing. Do you want to go out among cliffs full of rocks? Do you want to fish in the sea, or even in the lake? These are important questions, since the type of fishing kayak should also be chosen according to the areas. If you plan to sail among the cliffs, our advice is to choose a rigid kayak. If, on the other hand, you want to use kayaks in open waters, a model of inflatable but robust kayak can be for you understand what type of fishing you want to practice.

If you want to buy kayaks for occasional fishing, perhaps with your children, you can easily choose one of the cheapest models. In the end, to give the rudiments of fishing or even to be together, you don’t need a model of professional fishing kayak decide if you will go fishing alone or with others. If you prefer solitary fishing, then there is no doubt: the car is perfect for you. But above all, if you buy a rigid single-seater kayak – which lasts for years and years – remember that you won’t be able to take anyone on board with you. And in the future, maybe you might want to hang out with a friend who doesn’t have a kayak of his own. So, before buying, consider all the possibilities. Our advice is to choose a two-seater. We know that a two-seater is bigger, and especially if it is a rigid kayak it requires more space. But it is also a more versatile model, which you can use to go out alone or even in two the color of the kayak is important. An important fact when talking about kayak fishing is camouflage.

Camouflage is not always necessary, and is not useful for everyone. Beginners, for example, would do well to choose a kayak with clearly visible colors to attract attention in case of difficulty. Those who know that they will only ever fish in areas rich in vegetation, should choose a kayak with camouflage colors. What about those who buy kayaks, but still don’t know what kind of waters they will use for fishing? In this case, our advice is to move towards camouflage-colored kayaks, so as to remain on the safe side.


What are the most popular Fishing Kayaks?

When you fish from a kayak, you get unparalleled access to river waters. Unlike those who are angling from the bank of a waterbody, kayaking anglers can easily access water apart from the casting range. Kayaks can easily slip into weed-choked, shallow waters where even the bigger fishes hide. Names of the few of the best fishing kayaks are Get Hobie Mirage Outback, Get Old Town Predator PDL X, Get Old Town Loon 126, Get the Coastal Cruiser Tandem, Get Riot Kayaks Escape 12 Angler, Get the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 10 and Get the Malibu Kayaks Stealth 12.

What to consider when choosing a fish kayak?

If you are eager to go out for fishing with your fishing kayak, you need to consider various factors before choosing one. Consider the type of the kayak, the body type of the kayak, the stability of the kayak, the transportability and whether or not it is a used or a new kayak. Experts always recommend a newbie to buy a kayak that is used.

What are the characteristics of Fishing Kayaks?

To start off, the main storage is there in the bow and stern and some come with a dry bag liner for keeping valuables dry and safe. In the fishing kayaks, water drainage is handled smartly through a series of scupper holes in front of rear and decking storage. Inside a fishing kayak, you will always get a fish finder as one of the most vital accessories along with a transducer.