Buying your first sailboat – What are you going to buy and why?

Buying your first sailboat – What are you going to buy and why?

Though there are several sailors who prefer joining a sailing club or charter occasionally, most dream of owning a sailboat of their own. When you have your own sailboat, you can go sailing anywhere you want as it can be set up to match with your personal preferences and needs. As you will have the opportunity to leave the personal gear on board, it’s easy to trip over to the marina post work and head off to a sunset sail to spend a weekend at your hottest destination.

If you’re a novice or a beginner who is going to buy your first-ever sailboat, you must be looking for help, especially from the experts. There are several things that must be going on in your mind while buying the sailboat and if you’re mentally baffled, you should go through the concerns of this post.Buying your first sailboat – What are you going to buy and why?

Buying your first sailboat – When is the right time?

Much of the experience of sailing is all about the feel of the boat and the wind that you need to get your boat out on the water and start sailing. You should only think of buying your first sailboat when you’ve mastered the art of:

  • Moving to and from the dock
  • Move back to the crew overboard
  • Determining who is on the right way on the river
  • Sailing with confidence from point A to point B

Now that you know all the above mentioned tasks, it’s high time you have your own sailboat so that you can practice and make yourself perfect.

Buying your first sailboat vs. buying a boat forever

Whenever a person learns to sail, they usually have small goals set inside their mind. They may wish to sail among the local islands for a week along with their family or they may even dream of sailing all over the world. Unless you buy the right boat, you won’t ever be able to realize your goals. This is when you get a natural inclination to purchase a ‘forever boat’ so that you can use it to fulfill all sorts of sailing goals. But alas, this is often a blunder!

As long as it is your first boat, it should be a small dinghy one in case you wish to get wet or it should be a 22-28’ keel boat which has got a rather heavy keel so that the sailboat can be kept upright.Buying your first sailboat vs. buying a boat forever

Why should you buy a smaller boat initially when you know you’ve got to upgrade?

By now you must be wondering about why we are suggesting you to purchase a smaller first boat when you already know you have to upgrade it later on. Well, here are few reasons why we suggest you this. Take a look.

  • Safety: The forces on the line of a small sailboat are such that you will need minimum mechanical advantage and this will reduce the chances of ending up with an injury. You can also safely learn the challenging art of docking the boat.
  • Learning: You’ll receive more feedback with a smaller sailboat. If you sail a 16,000 lb 35’ sailboat, you will usually take a long time to find your inputs having an impact as compared to a 4000 lb 26’ sailboat. When you’re in a hurry to learn new things, feedback is extremely important. Perhaps this is the reason behind so many sailors beginning their sailing journey with dinghies.
  • Cost: The cost that you have to bear to purchase the boat, dock it and maintain it will increase as per its length. There is no doubt about the fact that a 40’ sailboat will cost you 4.8 times more when compared to a 25’ boat. If you just have a goal of sailing in the nearby areas and anchoring here and there with your family, why should you pay for a boat which is designed to sail in the oceans? So, it is up to you to buy the best sailboat according to your wish.
  • Fit: This is the most necessary point that you need to keep in mind before investing on your sailboat. While you’re at the initial point of your sailing career, it is natural that you won’t know much on what ‘Forever Boat’ means and which one is appropriate for you. This needs to be kept in mind when you plan for a long-term sailing. When you hit the market, you’ll find thousands of unique boats and sellers who are more than eager to sell them to you. You have to be wise enough to choose the right one.


Therefore, being a novice sailor, there are few blunders that you can make while choosing a sailboat. Keep in mind the tips listed in this post so that you can use them as a guide while buying your first-ever sailboat.


What should you consider when choosing your first sailboat?

Buying a sailboat is a daunting and intimidating experience as there are several things that you need to consider. First consider how big a sailboat would you need or want to buy. Will you only go out cruising yourself or bring guests aboard? Will you be sailing overnight or will you require accomodations for sleeping? Second, consider where you will be boating. Boating on Atlantic Ocean is different from boating on Lake Michigan. What is the purpose of the sailboat? Are you an experienced user? Are you getting a new or a used boat?

What’s the best sailboat for beginners?

The Sailing Dinghy is one of the best starter sailboats that can be taken by beginners with little or no experience. The sunfish sailboat is yet another brilliant idea for a beginner. Laser is one more sailboat good for beginners and the two others are Gaff-Rigged Catboat or West Wight Potter 19. While you can learn on any sailboat but it is true that smaller ones are better teachers as they react sooner to wind shifts or weight shifts.

What safety conditions should the first sailboat meet?

The beginner sailors need to practice their sailing skills in calm waters and never on ocean. They should try to sail in ideal conditions like light wind and low traffic areas. While sailing the first sailboat, you should have details regarding the weather, the wind and the tide and also on the weather forecast.