Best Battery for Trolling Motors

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Look­ing for the best bat­tery for your trolling motor? Look no fur­ther! In this arti­cle, we’ve got you cov­ered with the top options that offer both pow­er and dura­bil­i­ty.

Whether you’re a fish­ing enthu­si­ast or sim­ply enjoy spend­ing time on the water, hav­ing a reli­able bat­tery is essen­tial for a smooth sail­ing expe­ri­ence.

So, get ready to explore the best bud­get-friend­ly options that will give you the free­dom to enjoy your time out on the water with­out any wor­ries.

Key Take­aways

  • Bat­tery capac­i­ty and amp hours are impor­tant fac­tors to con­sid­er when choos­ing a bat­tery for a trolling motor.
  • AGM, Lithi­um, and Lead Acid bat­ter­ies are the three main types to con­sid­er, each with their own advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages.
  • Dura­bil­i­ty and longevi­ty are impor­tant for a trolling motor bat­tery, with AGM and Lithi­um bat­ter­ies offer­ing the best bal­ance.
  • Fast charg­ing time and low main­te­nance require­ments should also be pri­or­i­tized when select­ing a bat­tery for a trolling motor.

Battery Capacity and Amp Hours

If you want to max­i­mize the per­for­mance of your trolling motor, it’s impor­tant to under­stand bat­tery capac­i­ty and amp hours. These two fac­tors play a cru­cial role in deter­min­ing how long your bat­tery will last and how effi­cient­ly it will pow­er your motor.

Bat­tery capac­i­ty refers to the amount of ener­gy your bat­tery can store, while amp hours mea­sure the amount of cur­rent your bat­tery can deliv­er over a cer­tain peri­od of time.

When choos­ing a bat­tery for your trolling motor, you should con­sid­er both the bat­tery capac­i­ty and amp hours to ensure opti­mal per­for­mance. A high­er bat­tery capac­i­ty means that your bat­tery will be able to store more ener­gy, allow­ing you to use your trolling motor for a longer dura­tion. Sim­i­lar­ly, a high­er amp hour rat­ing indi­cates that your bat­tery can deliv­er more pow­er to your motor, increas­ing its effi­cien­cy and per­for­mance on the water.

Hav­ing a bat­tery with suf­fi­cient capac­i­ty and amp hours will give you the free­dom to explore and enjoy your time on the water with­out wor­ry­ing about run­ning out of pow­er. So, when shop­ping for a bat­tery for your trolling motor, make sure to care­ful­ly con­sid­er the bat­tery capac­i­ty and amp hours to ensure you get the best per­for­mance and the most out of your fish­ing expe­ri­ence.

Best Battery for Trolling Motors

Battery Type: AGM, Lithium, or Lead Acid

When choos­ing a bat­tery for your trolling motor, you should con­sid­er the advan­tages and dis­ad­van­tages of AGM, Lithi­um, and Lead Acid bat­ter­ies.

AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) bat­ter­ies are a pop­u­lar choice due to their main­te­nance-free design and abil­i­ty to han­dle deep dis­charges. They’re also spill-proof, mak­ing them ide­al for marine appli­ca­tions. How­ev­er, AGM bat­ter­ies can be more expen­sive com­pared to oth­er types.

Lithi­um bat­ter­ies, on the oth­er hand, offer sev­er­al advan­tages. They’re light­weight, have a longer lifes­pan, and pro­vide con­sis­tent pow­er through­out their dis­charge cycle. They also have a high­er ener­gy den­si­ty, which means they can store more pow­er in a small­er pack­age. How­ev­er, lithi­um bat­ter­ies tend to be more expen­sive upfront, although their longer lifes­pan can make up for the ini­tial cost.

Lead Acid bat­ter­ies are the most afford­able option and have been used for many years. They’re reli­able and can han­dle high cur­rent loads. How­ev­er, they’re also heavy, require reg­u­lar main­te­nance, and can be prone to sul­fa­tion if not prop­er­ly cared for.

Durability and Longevity

For long-last­ing per­for­mance, you’ll want a bat­tery that offers both dura­bil­i­ty and longevi­ty. When it comes to trolling motors, you need a bat­tery that can with­stand the rig­ors of the open water and pro­vide reli­able pow­er for your adven­tures. Dura­bil­i­ty is essen­tial to ensure that your bat­tery can han­dle the bumps, vibra­tions, and expo­sure to water that comes with boat­ing. Longevi­ty is equal­ly impor­tant, as you want a bat­tery that will last for many sea­sons with­out los­ing its capac­i­ty or per­for­mance.

To help you make an informed deci­sion, here is a com­par­i­son table show­cas­ing the dura­bil­i­ty and longevi­ty of dif­fer­ent bat­tery types com­mon­ly used for trolling motors:

Bat­tery TypeDura­bil­i­tyLongevi­ty
Lithi­umVery HighHigh
Lead AcidMedi­umLow

As you can see, AGM bat­ter­ies offer a good bal­ance of dura­bil­i­ty and longevi­ty, mak­ing them a pop­u­lar choice among boat­ing enthu­si­asts who val­ue free­dom on the water. How­ev­er, if you desire even greater dura­bil­i­ty and longevi­ty, lithi­um bat­ter­ies are the way to go. While they may come at a high­er price point, their excep­tion­al per­for­mance and extend­ed lifes­pan make them worth con­sid­er­ing.

Ulti­mate­ly, the choice of bat­tery type depends on your spe­cif­ic needs and bud­get. Con­sid­er the table above and pri­or­i­tize the fac­tors that mat­ter most to you to find the bat­tery that will pro­vide the free­dom and peace of mind you desire on your trolling motor adven­tures.

Charging Time and Maintenance

Charging Time and Maintenance

To ensure opti­mal per­for­mance and longevi­ty of your bat­tery, you’ll want to con­sid­er both the charg­ing time and main­te­nance require­ments. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Charg­ing Time: Look for a bat­tery that has a fast charg­ing time. This will allow you to spend more time on the water and less time wait­ing for your bat­tery to charge. Con­sid­er bat­ter­ies with quick charg­ing capa­bil­i­ties, such as lithi­um-ion bat­ter­ies, which can charge up to 5 times faster than tra­di­tion­al lead-acid bat­ter­ies.
  • Main­te­nance-Free: Free­dom-lov­ing indi­vid­u­als like your­self don’t want to spend their time and ener­gy on bat­tery main­te­nance. Look for bat­ter­ies that are main­te­nance-free, mean­ing they don’t require reg­u­lar check­ing of water lev­els or adding dis­tilled water. This will save you pre­cious time and effort, allow­ing you to focus on enjoy­ing your fish­ing expe­ri­ence.
  • Durable Design: When it comes to main­te­nance, it’s also impor­tant to con­sid­er the dura­bil­i­ty of the bat­tery. Look for bat­ter­ies that are built to with­stand the rig­ors of trolling motor use. Opt for bat­ter­ies with rugged con­struc­tion, vibra­tion resis­tance, and pro­tec­tion against impact and shock. These fea­tures will ensure that your bat­tery can han­dle the demands of your fish­ing adven­tures with­out requir­ing fre­quent repairs or replace­ments.

Best Budget-Friendly Options

If you’re on a bud­get, the best bat­tery options for trolling motors are the ones that offer both afford­abil­i­ty and reli­able per­for­mance. You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your time on the water. Here are some bud­get-friend­ly options that will give you the free­dom to explore with­out wor­ry­ing about your bat­tery dying in the mid­dle of your adven­ture.

Bat­tery Mod­elAmp HoursPrice Range
Deep Cycle Marine Bat­tery100Ah$100 — $150
AGM Deep Cycle Bat­tery75Ah$150 — $200
Lithi­um-Ion Bat­tery50Ah$200 — $250
Sealed Lead Acid Bat­tery35Ah$50 — $100
Gel Cell Bat­tery30Ah$80 — $120

The Deep Cycle Marine Bat­tery is a pop­u­lar choice among bud­get-con­scious anglers. It offers a high amp hour rat­ing and can pro­vide con­sis­tent pow­er for your trolling motor. The AGM Deep Cycle Bat­tery is anoth­er great option, known for its dura­bil­i­ty and long lifes­pan. If you’re look­ing for a light­weight and com­pact bat­tery, the Lithi­um-Ion Bat­tery is worth con­sid­er­ing. It may have a high­er upfront cost, but it offers excel­lent per­for­mance and a longer lifes­pan than tra­di­tion­al bat­ter­ies. The Sealed Lead Acid Bat­tery and Gel Cell Bat­tery are more afford­able options that still deliv­er reli­able pow­er for your trolling motor. Choose the bat­tery that best fits your bud­get and needs, and enjoy your fish­ing adven­tures with­out any wor­ries.


So, when it comes to find­ing the best bat­tery for trolling motors, it’s impor­tant to con­sid­er fac­tors like bat­tery capac­i­ty, type, dura­bil­i­ty, charg­ing time, and bud­get. AGM, lithi­um, and lead acid bat­ter­ies all have their advan­tages, but it ulti­mate­ly depends on your spe­cif­ic needs and pref­er­ences.

Don’t for­get to pri­or­i­tize dura­bil­i­ty and longevi­ty to ensure your bat­tery lasts for many fish­ing trips to come. And if you’re on a bud­get, there are some great options avail­able that won’t break the bank.

Hap­py fish­ing!

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